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Film Analysis Finding Nemo Finding Nemo illustrates a story about different fish and marine animals finding their niche under the sea. I have seen this movie a few times, but I viewed it differently last night. Instead of a cute story, I recognized it to be a familiar theme of the human condition. There are many levels to the plot, but ultimately each person has to go through a journey to find peace with who they are and discover what truly is home. Nemo wanted freedom to explore. He was tired of his overprotective father and swam away. Yet, he only found out that his father was right about the dangers. Nemo’s father went through an adventure of his own just to find his son. Through each animal he came into contact with, he learned a little bit more about relaxing and not dwelling in his fear.
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Unformatted text preview: Consequently, Nemo learned to respect his father and his father finally felt free to be himself. One line from the movie that really struck me was when Dory tells Marlin that although she can’t remember things, she feels “at home” when she sees him. It seems to be a part of the human condition to long for a home and comfort and belonging. In a speech situation, I must remember that my audience perhaps is searching for this. They can be put at ease if I identify with them. It took Nemo and Marlin and number of misadventures before they could be reunited and see eye-to-eye. Similarly, most people will not believe something just because I tell them. During a persuasive speech, I need to remember that maybe some people have not experienced the right escapade to believe my point....
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