Math252Quiz1F07 - Math 252 Name: ________________________...

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Unformatted text preview: Math 252 Name: ________________________ QUIZ 1 (CHAPTER 14) MATH 252 FALL 2007 KUNIYUKI SCORED OUT OF 125 POINTS MULTIPLIED BY 0.84 105% POSSIBLE Show all work, simplify as appropriate, and use good form and procedure (as in class). Box in your final answers! No notes or books allowed. A scientific calculator is allowed. Clearly mark vectors, as we have done in class. I will use boldface, but you dont! When describing vectors, you may use either or i j k notation. Assume we are in our usual 2- and 3-dimensional Cartesian coordinate systems. Give exact answers, unless otherwise specified. Check one: Can you easily print files from the class web site? Yes. I do not need copies of exam solutions made for me. No. Please provide me with copies of exam solutions. USE THE LAST PAGE IF YOU NEED MORE SPACE! 1) Assume that a 1 , a 2 , p , and q are real numbers. Prove that, if a = a 1 , a 2 , then p + q ( ) a = p a + q a . Show all steps! (10 points) 2) Write an inequality in x , y , and/or z whose graph in our usual three-dimensional xyz-coordinate system consists of the sphere of radius 4 centered at the origin and all points inside that sphere. (4 points) 3) Find all real values of c such that the vectors...
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Math252Quiz1F07 - Math 252 Name: ________________________...

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