ss fuente - Felipe at first accepts the odd behaviors and...

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Comm 319 Short story analysis: Aura Carlos Fuentes explores the blurred lines between desire, imagination, and reality is his short story Aura . Fuentes employs detailed imagery, a first-person point of view and foreshadowing to create this slightly disturbing story about Felipe Montero, a young historian whose life becomes intertwined with a strange old lady who hires him as a historian. Felipe quickly become accustomed to the strange way of life in the old lady’s house and struggles between his desire for the Aura (the old lady’s supposed niece) and reality. At first he is motivated to stay there by the money, then by his lust for Aura and the notion of saving her. He notices that Aura and Consuelo always do the same thing in the same mechanical ways. Aura does not question who she is or why she is there but simply goes through the motions.
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Unformatted text preview: Felipe at first accepts the odd behaviors and realizes that he too has become machine-like. Perhaps conforming to a situation is part of the human condition. Everyone feels like it is safer and easier to adapt to his or her environment. While reading Aura , I found three things to consider in doing a speech. The first was the narrator’s use of the word “you” instead of “I.” The reader was involved with the story. That same tecnique can be used in telling a story for a speech to engage the audience. Another strength of Fuente’s is his employment of colorful language to illuminate the scene. This is one area I know I need to work on in my speeches and this story inspires me. The last concept the stood out was the idea of reality verses imagination. It is a very interesting idea and one common to the human condition....
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ss fuente - Felipe at first accepts the odd behaviors and...

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