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P195A Practice-makes-perfect problems 1. In the figure below, the mass m 2 slides on a frictionless table. The coefficients of static and kinetic friction between m 2 and m 1 are μ s = 0.600 and μ k = 0.400. What is the maximum value of m 3 if m 1 moves with m 2 without slipping? Let m 1 = 5.00 kg and m 2 = 10.00 kg. 2. Brenda is driving in her new Land Cruiser on her way to physics class. She is approaching a dip in the road. What must the speed of her vehicle be at the bottom of the dip so that she feels three times her body weight? The radius of curvature of the dip is 28.4 meters. 3. Sergio bets a naïve physics student (Beavis) that he can place his 2.00-kg physics book against the side of a cart, as shown below, and that the book will not fall to the ground, even though Sergio will use no hooks, ropes, fasteners, magnets, glue, or adhesives of any kind. When the student accepts the bet, Sergio begins to push the cart in the direction shown. The coefficient of static friction between the block and the cart is 0.600, and the
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practice_problems_Quiz2 - P195A Practice-makes-perfect...

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