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P195A Practice-makes-Perfect Problems Crivello These are the type of questions that you will be asked to solve on the upcoming exam. Don’t give up too soon. Take your time and be organized. 1. A proton collides elastically with another proton that is initially at rest. The incoming proton has an initial speed of 3.50 X 10 5 m/s and makes a glancing collision with the second proton. (In this collision, the protons exert a repulsive electrostatic force on each other.) After the collision, one proton moves off at an angle of 37.0 ° to the original direction of its motion, and the second proton deflects at an angle Φ to the same axis. Find the final speeds of the two protons and the angle Φ . ANSWER: Φ = 53 ° and v 1f = 2.8 X 10 5 m/s and v 2f = 2.12 X 10 5 m/s 2. Quang slides down a curved frictionless track and then up an inclined plane as shown below. The
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Unformatted text preview: coefficient of kinetic friction between David and the incline is μ k . Use energy methods to show that the maximum height reached by David is θ μ cot 1 max k h y + = 3. Sarah slides without friction from a height h along a curved water slide. She is launched from a height h /5 into the pool. Determine her maximum airborne height y in terms of h and θ . Answer : ( 29 1 sin 4 5 2 + = h y 4. A glider of mass m 1 = 1.60 kg initially moving to the right with a speed of 4.00 m/s on a frictionless horizontal air-track collides elastically with a spring attached to a second glider of mass m 2 = 2.10 kg initially moving to the left with a speed of 2.50 m/s. Find the velocities of the two gliders after the collision. Answer: v 1f = -3.38 m/s v 2f = 3.12 m/s...
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