x4 p125 Projectile Motion Rev by Crivello May 2009

x4 p125 Projectile Motion Rev by Crivello May 2009 -...

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Unformatted text preview: Physics 125-Projectile Motion 1 SAN DIEGO MESA COLLEGE Name_________________________ PHYSICS 125 LAB REPORT Date __________Time___________ Partners ______________________ TITLE: Projectile Motion ______________________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ Objective: To study and predict the course of the motion of a projectile. Theory: Projectile motion in two dimensions can be predicted by treating the motion as two independent motions; the horizontal ( x ) component of the motion and the vertical ( y ) component of the motion. When air resistance is ignored the horizontal motion is one of constant velocity equal to the x-component of the initial velocity. Thus, t v x v v x x = = The vertical component is the motion of a free falling body with acceleration due to gravity, denoted by g. (9.8m/s 2 ) With the positive y direction pointing up, g a y- = , and Remember that g is the number 9.8 m/s 2 . It is always a positive number. Equipment: Projectile Launcher Nylon Ball (Projectile) Plunger Plumb bob Carbon Paper Blank Sheet of Paper 12 Ruler Meter Stick 2.0m Meter Stick Hoop Ring and Stand Safety Glasses Rev. by Crivello 5-20-09 g a where t a t v y t a v v y y y y y y- = + = + = 2 2 1 Physics 125-Projectile Motion 2 PART I: Finding the initial speed of the projectile. Setup: bottom of ball Tape a piece of paper to the floor and place a piece of carbon paper on top. DO NOT PUT TAPE ON THE CARBON PAPER. Hold onto the base of the launcher and pull the trigger string straight up. Make sure the ball does not roll forward in the tube before launch....
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x4 p125 Projectile Motion Rev by Crivello May 2009 -...

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