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PROCEDURES for running your sample on the Cary 50 UV-visible spectrophotometer. 1) Open Varian Scan on the desktop 2) Select Cary 50 <OK> 3) Then WAIT until you hear the Cary 50 make a buzzing noise. After buzzing noise the <Setup. .> and <Zero> should be outlined in black. 4) Select <Setup. ..>. In the dialog box for this mode: A) set X Mode to Start 800, Stop 400 B) set Y Mode Abs, C) Y min -5, Y max 5 D) Display Options to Individual Data E) Scan Controls to Fastest 5) Select the Baseline tab at the top of Setup dialog box. 6) Select Baseline correction. 7) Select OK 8) Select Baseline and insert a blank sample OF PURE SOLVENT for which you substance is
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Unformatted text preview: dissolved in, then select OK 9) Replace the blank with your sample. 10) Select &lt;Start&gt; 11) In set floppy into 3.5&quot; Floppy into drive, and select the file to save to this drive. Give the file a name 12) Name you sample, select &lt;OK&gt; 13) Go to file save and select, &lt;Save Data As. ..&gt;, A) give a file name B) change the file type to &quot;Spreadsheet Ascii (*.CSV) C) select the 3.5&quot; Floppy into drive to save D) select &lt;SAVE&gt; 14) Open your data in EXCEL and use the graphing mode to plot the data....
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