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eugenol_flowchart - for part B Part B Preparation of a...

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10g ground clove bud + 150ml water 500ml – 3 neck RBF Steam distillation Heat mantel Cool 150ml of distillate on ice bath Add 10ml CH Cl; Shake separat Sep funnel: Eugenol; cariophyllene; other terpenes aqueous Add 10ml CH Cl; separate Aqueous discarded CH Cl + Eugenol + Cariophyllene Add 50ml KOH 5% Cariophyllene + CH Cl Add 50ml KOH 5% Discard CHCl + cariophyllene Aqueous Phenoxide ¯ ; Sep funnel: Phenoxide¯+ Cariophyllene Sep funnel: Phenoxide¯ + Cariophyllene i Eugeno l aqueous Aqueous discarded CH Cl + Eugenol Extract w/ 25ml CH Cl Dry w/ MgSO overnight filter Short path distill in a pre-tare 50ml rbf Evaporate under hood (steam- bath Weight; % recovery Store Eugenol
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Unformatted text preview: for part B Part B: Preparation of a Derivative from Eugenol Part A: Isolation of Eugenol from Cloves Eugenol In rbf Add 5ml water Add 10% NaOH dropwise* Add 1ml benzoyl chloride* Stir the cloudy solution Stand over night – solid benzoate Cool in ice-bath Gravity filtration Discard filtrate Dry crude product Several re-crystallizations w/ 95% ethanol Collect crystals on Hirsch funnel or Buchner Funnel Dry, weight the product & label vial Determine: MP & % yield of benzoate NOTE: * swirling and NO EXCESS base! **CAUTION: lachrymator and Prepared by Constance Dutton...
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