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Chemical Drawing & Word Processing Exercise Dr. Gergens – San Diego Mesa College Purpose Computer literacy is fast emerging as a basic skill that will be as important to life in the twenty-first century as reading is now. The purpose of this exercise is to give students practical experience in computer literacy by developing some general computer word processing and chemical drawing skills needed for this course. In particular, students should be able to draw chemical structures— perhaps using a drawing program like ISIS Draw—import and edit images, and save and insert images from web based sources into their reports. In the process, you will be exposed to the use of chemical data base, (i.e., , ) , to track down chemical data as well. Finally, students will be given the opportunity to learn the basics of scanning data and images, saving the scanned information to disk, and importing and word processing that information into their report. To assist you in learning to draw chemical structures, you will find a tutorial covering some simple basics for drawing chemical structure, and how to select, resize , and import chemical structure into a word document. Getting Started There are several chemical drawing programs available in the laboratory. Most drawing and word processing programs on the market generally have the same generic look and feel. If you are already accustom to using a drawing program, good for you. In this course, use what ever drawing and word processing programs you are most familiar and comfortable with in word processing your laboratory reports. One chemical drawing program commonly used by students in our chemistry department is ISIS Draw. Another program is Microsoft Word which most already use for general word processing. If you're new to ISIS Draw, you might be terrified. Once you review the tutorial and get going though you'll see you can create professionally great graphics simply by clicking on your screen. ISIS Draw has a complete set of tools and templates for creating many different kinds of drawings, but we will use it mainly to draw chemical structures. In general, students can access ISIS Draw from most computers on campus. Students can find access to computers in I-110, K-400, and on the fourth floor of the library to be most convenient. ISIS Draw, ChemSketch & Marvin Sketch are also available as a free download and their URL’s a listed under the Chemical Structure Drawing and Word Processsing Exercise under experiments at . Exercise Welcome to ISIS Draw. To start in learning the basics, find a computer with ISIS Draw loaded and that has Internet access. Open ISIS Draw and either Netscape or Explorer. Access the ISIS draw tutorial link and click on it. The ISIS tutorial at . These tutorials are QuickTime movies. QuickTime Movie Player should be installed on your computer.
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ISIS_draw_exercise (1) - Chemical Drawing & Word...

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