Chap6 - Dr. Saidane Chem 200 Lecture Notes Chapter 6 The...

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200 Dr. Saidane Lecture Notes Chapter 6 The Modern Atom Skills you should have mastered Conceptual 1. Explain the correlation between light, energy, and photons. 2. Distinguish between a continuous and a line spectrum in terms of types of photons and the energy they carry. 3. Find the relationship between energy of photons and energy levels in a hydrogen atom. 4. Explain how atoms emit light in a form of photons carrying energy. 5. Use Bohr frequency condition to explain the origin of the lines in the spectrum of an element. Problem-solving 1. Calculate the wavelength or frequency of light. 2. Calculate energy, frequency, or number of photons emitted from a light source. 3. Use the expression for the energy levels of a hydrogen atom to correlate the lines in a spectrum with specific energy transitions. _________________________________________________________________________ Atoms emit light of many colors when their compounds are burned or exposed to electric discharge. In order to understand their atomic behavior we need to understand light and its properties. Light is an electromagnetic radiation, which is a form of energy that exhibit wavelike behavior as it travels through space. Light is a wave of electric and magnetic fields. Wave motion is repetitive in nature and is characterized by the measurable properties of wavelength, amplitude, and frequency. a)
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Chap6 - Dr. Saidane Chem 200 Lecture Notes Chapter 6 The...

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