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Chem200HWChap1,II (1) - 11 Express a density of 1.100 x 10...

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Chapter 1 Part II 1. What is a hypothesis? 2. How does a quantity differ from a unit? Use two examples to explain the difference. 3. List the four SI base units used in chemistry, and the quantities they represent. 4. What is the numerical equivalent of each of the following SI prefixes? a) kilo-; b) centi-; c) mega-; d) micro-; e) milli-; f) deca-; g) pico- 5. a) What is a derived unit? b) What is the SI derived unit for area? 6. a) Define conversion factor. b) Explain how conversion factors are used. 7. Contrast accuracy and precision. 8. What is the volume, in cubic meters, of an object that is 0.25 m long, 6.1 m wide, and 4.9 m high? 9. What is the mass of a sample that has a volume of 55.1 cm 3 and a density of 6.72 g/cm 3 ? 10. Express the mass in ounces (oz) of a 250-g package of breakfast cereal.
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Unformatted text preview: 11. Express a density of 1.100 x 10 3 kg.m-3 in grams per centimeter cubed. 12. a) Convert –23 ° C to the Fahrenheit scale, and –10 ° F to the Celsius scale. b) At what temperature do the two scales give the same numerical value for the temperature? 13. Determine the number of significant figures in: a) 2.1010 kg; b) 100.000 ° C; c) 0.00001 mm; d) 5.110 cm; e) 0.00500g 14. What is the total mass of a sample prepared by mixing 1.001 g of sugar, 2.05 g of salt, and 5.0 g of flour. 15. What is temperature in ° C corresponding to the melting point of iron, 1813 K? 16. a) Calculate the volume occupied by 1.04 mg of oxygen gas, given its density is 1.5 g/L 1 b) What would its density be (in grams per liter) if the same sample occupied 0.755 mL? 2...
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Chem200HWChap1,II (1) - 11 Express a density of 1.100 x 10...

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