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Chapter 7 1. In each of these groups: (Se, S, and Te); (Cl - , Br - , and F - ); (Ba, Sr, and Cs); (Fe + , Fe 2+ , and Fe 3+ ); (Ca 2+ , Mg 2+ , and Ba 2+ ); (S 2- , Cl - , and Cl); (Ar, K, and Ca); (Sn, I, and Bi), Select the element that has (explain why): (a) The highest first ionization energy. (b) Smallest radius. (c) Lowest electron affinity.
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Unformatted text preview: (d) Lowest second ionization energy. (e) The greatest number of unpaired electrons. (f) Largest ionic radius. 2. State the chemical properties that are typical of (a) metals, and (b) nonmetals. State the physical properties that are typical of (a) metals, and (b) nonmetals...
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