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Chapter 8 Answer questions 1-4 for the following compounds: (a) potassium fluoride, (b) aluminum sulfide, (c) CH 3 OH, (d) Calcium nitride, (e) CH 3 NH 2 , (f) HCOOH, (g) SOCl 2 , (h) HClO 3 2- , (i) AsO 4 3- , (j) H 3 PO 4 , (k) HCN, (l) SCO, (m) H 2 SO 3 , (n) N 2 O and (o) Al 2 O 3 . 1. Write the Lewis structures. 2. Using the electronegativity values in figure 8.7 (p. 274), classify the bonding in the compounds as mainly ionic or covalent. 3. State the number of lone pairs and bonding pair for the central atoms in the
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Unformatted text preview: covalent compounds. 4. Which of these compounds have resonance forms? How many resonance hybrid forms each? Write the Lewis forms for all the resonance hybrids. 5. Write the Lewis structure for each reactant, identify the Lewis acid and Lewis base, and then write the formula of the product for the following reactions: a) AlCl 3 + Cl-→ b) I 2 + I-→ c) Cr 3+ + 6 NH 3 → d) SnCl 4 + 2 Cl-→...
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