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GEOG102_HUMAN_FRED_Fall11 - Geography 102 Cultural...

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Geography 102- Cultural Geography – CRN51433 Instructor: Dr. Frederick Stutz Location: San Diego Mesa College Units: 3 Class Meeting Times: TTh 8:00-9:25 am; Rm H313 Required Text: An Introduction to Human Geography: The Cultural Landscape, 10 th Ed. Mailbox: H302 Email: [email protected] Website: http://frederickstutz.com Course Description: This course is an introduction to the economic, social, and political elements of geography and a survey of major world urban and industrial patterns. Emphasis will be placed on the introduction and distribution of human cultures and their effects on the earth's surface. Students successfully completing Geography 102 will satisfy the social science requirement at most four-year colleges. Learning Outcomes: a. The student will demonstrate an appreciation of the many examples of interactions between the physical environment and man's culture involving religion, political order, migration, settlements, resources, technology, and economic development. b. The student will understand that no single factor such as race or environment can explain the differences behind the various patterns of human habitation. c. The student will acquire knowledge of the role of innovation in cultural development; animal and plant domestication, deforestation, industrialization, urbanization, transportation and trade and related settlement patterns. d. The student will describe a systematic way of looking at the world and will perceive some patterns regarding the human habitation of the earth. e. The student will begin to recognize how the environment has shaped human behavior, and, how human behavior has shaped the environment. Materials: Required : An Introduction to Human Geography: A Cultural Landscape, 10 h Ed .; Rubenstein; Prentice Hall Inc. Other reading materials will be in-class handouts, as appropriate. Slides and videos will be presented in class, and represented on all tests. Lecture notes can be downloaded from my website: http://frederickstutz.com . Click on the “Mesa” tab then “Lecture Notes” tab.
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