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Study Guide Unit 33, Aspects of Global Nutrition Be able to define the following terms: Marasmus-malnutrition caused by a lack of calories and protein; also called protein-calorie malnutrition; body uses its own muscle and tissues as an energy source; weakened immune system Kwashiorkor-a deficiency disease primarily caused by a lack of protein, calories, and other nutrients in the diet and abnormal metabolic adaptation to starvation; may appear fat due to massive swelling; likely to be somewhat marasmatic as well; weakened immune system Understand the relationship between malnutrition and infection as described on page 33- 6. Malnutrition weakens the immune system and increases the likelihood and severity of infection Repeated infection and the diarrhea that often comes with it can produce undernutrition Poor sanitation, contaminated water, and lack of refrigeration contribute to the spread of disease, and thus the frequency of malnutrition and undernutrition; most deaths of children under 5 in developing countries are
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