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study guide 2003 genesis - Genesis Study Guide for...

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Genesis Study Guide for Literature Humanities: Professor Claybaugh I. Chapter-by-Chapter Plot Summary: 1,2: Creation A and B 3: Adam and Eve eat from the Tree of Knowledge. God evicts them from Eden even though he said he would kill them. 4: Cain and Abel are born. Cain kills his brother and God curses him. Eve gives birth to Seth. 6: The Lord regrets creating man because of man’s violence and corruption. He vows to destroy all humanity but to spare Noah. 7-8: Noah enters the ark. The flood comes and goes in forty days. Noah builds an altar to god. 9: God blesses Noah, forges a covenant with Noah, symbolized by the rainbow. While Noah gets drunk and is seen by his son Ham, who he later curses. 11: People attempt to build the Tower of Babel. 12: Abram leaves his homeland at the bequest of God, who forges a covenant with him. 13: Abram leaves Egypt. He and Lot split up, and Abram moves to Hebron. 14-15: Lot is taken captive and Abram saves him. God promises Abram an heir. 16: Hagar, Sarai’s maid, gives birth to Ishmael, Abram’s first son. 17: God forms another covenant with Abram and changes his name to Abraham. Sarai’s name is changed to Sarah. The birth of Isaac is promised. Abraham circumcises himself and his household. 18: The birth of Isaac is predicted by three men (angels) who are on the way to destroy Sodom. 19: A mob surrounds Lot’s house, where the angels are staying. The angels save Lot and Sodom is destroyed. Lot’s wife is turned into a pillar of salt, and he sleeps with his daughters. 20: While in Gerar, Sarah is taken by the King. He is punished, but gives gifts to Abraham. 21: Isaac is born. Sarah kicks out Hagar and Ishmael. Abraham forges a covenant with Abimelech. 22: Abraham is tested by God, who asks him to sacrifice Isaac. 23: Sarah dies. Abraham chooses to buy a cave for her burial rather than receive it as a gift. 24: Abraham sends his servant to find Isaac a wife from Abraham’s own people; Rebekah is chosen. 25: Abraham’s second wife; his death. Ishmael’s children and his death. Jacob and Esau are born. 26: Isaac moves to the land of King Abimelech. He has problems with locals over wells and leaves. 27: Jacob deceives Isaac with the help of his mother and takes Esau’s blessing. 28: Jacob leaves for Laban’s house. He dreams about the ladder. 29: Jacob marries Leah and Rachel. He only wants Rachel. Leah has four sons. Rachel is barren. 30: Leah bears more children. Finally, Rachel gives birth to Joseph. Jacob wishes to return home. 31: Laban chases Jacob. Jacob curses the thief of Laban’s idols (Rachel); the men form a covenant. 32: Esau and a party of four hundred people come to greet Jacob who has split his party into two camps out of fear of his brother. Jacob wrestles with the angels and his name is changed to Israel.
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study guide 2003 genesis - Genesis Study Guide for...

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