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Nataliya Bochukova - The Histories by Herodotus Selection # 1 – Book 1, Chapters 1-140; Book 2 chs. 1-5;chs. 33-51, chs.112-120; Book3 chs.17-38 Plot Summary Herodotus starts his story with Candaules, the king of Lydia, who was so proud of his wife’s beauty, that he made his bodyguard Gyges hide in his bedroom so that he can see his wife naked. The queen saw Gyges and made him kill the king and seize the throne in order to revenge the impropriety of the act. That’s how Gyges became the king of Lydia and a prophecy by the oracle was made that the murder would be revenged in Gyges’ fifth generation. Then Herodotus goes on to tell some memorable achievements of Ardys, Sadyattes and Alyattes which are the heirs of Gyges. Croesus (the fifth generation) overrun the Aiatic Greeks and established the Lydian empire. This is when the Athenian philosopher Solon visited him. When Croesus asks him who is the happiest person Solon knows (thinking he will say Croesus) Solon tells him that a truly happy person must have a happy death and only then can he be considered truly happy since life is a chance and happiness is temporary. After that Croesus accepts in his home and cleanses Adrastus who later goes on to kill Croesus son Atys by accident making Croesus prophetic dream come true. Later on Croesus is mislead by an oracle message and he goes on to attack Cyrus and the Persians. Cyrus manages to win the war and takes Croesus prisoner. In this way the killing of Candaules was revenged in the fifth generation. Then Herodotus goes on to explaining how Cyrus came to power. His grandfather Astyages had a dream that his daughter urinated that it swamped the whole Asia. Thus he decided to kill her son Cyrus. Through some accidents the child was not killed and later on, this was found out so Astyages sent Cyrus to Persia. When he grew up he conquered Astyages and Medes fulfilling the dream. After finishing Cyrus’ story Herodotus goes on to describe the Persian customs. Cyrus was succeeded by Cambyses who attacked Egypt and
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study guide 2003 histories one - Nataliya Bochukova - The...

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