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study guide 2003 iliad one - The Iliad By Homer (Books I...

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The Iliad By Homer (Books I – XII) Plot Summary The Iliad picks up at the end of the Trojan War –a ten-year long war fought between the Achaeans (Greek) and the Trojans. Chryses, the priest of Apollo, pleads with the Achaeans to return to him his daughter who they captured in battle. When the Achaean’s refuse, Apollo plague’s the Achaean’s. Agamemnon, leader of the Achaean’s, finally gives up the daughter in order to end the plague, but only after he is fairly compensated by taking the girl previously given to Achilles. Achilles, the greatest Achaean warrior, is dishonored and insulted by the unfair exchange, and resorts to withdrawing from the war in order to punish the Achaeans. To further hinder the Achaeans in battle, Achilles also attempts to seek out help from Zeus, by asking his own mother, the goddess named Thetis, to persuade him. Without support from Achilles or Zeus, the Achaeans face difficult challenges against the powerful Trojan army. The Achaean’s meet the Trojans and a duel between Menelaus and Paris ensues to try and settle the war for good. The gods intervene and the duel is left unresolved.
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study guide 2003 iliad one - The Iliad By Homer (Books I...

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