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study guide 2003 iliad two - Iliad Study Guide Arijit Ghosh...

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Iliad Study Guide Arijit Ghosh 1 Plot Summary Book 13 - With Zeus backing the Trojans, the Achaeans have now been forced as far back as their ships. Zeus now takes his attention away from the battle and Poseidon takes advantage of this. In the form of Calchas, he rekindles the Achaeans’ spirit. Consequently, the Achaeans drive Hector back but Hector wounds Poseidon’s grandson and so Poseidon imbues Idomeneus with super strength. Hector continues the assault, but having lost some of their soldiers, the Trojans lose confidence. Polydamas persuades Hector to fall back and regroup. Hector tries to do so, but most of his front line is dead. Great Ajax then insults Hector and he has an eagle flying on his right, a good omen for the Achaeans. Book 14 – The Achaeans analyze their situation and again Agamemnon suggests retreating. Odysseus calls him a coward and Diomedes rallies the troops together. Meanwhile, away from the battlefield, Hera tricks Aphrodite to give her a breast band with the power of love and longing and then by promising Sleep one of her daughters, she tricks Zeus. When Zeus sees Hera wearing the band he is immediately seduced and has sex with her. Sleep then makes Zeus fall asleep and allows Hera to tell Poseidon to help the Achaeans while Zeus is asleep. The Achaeans, with new help, charge the Trojans. Great Ajax knocks over and injures Hector with a boulder forcing him back to the city. Without Hector the Trojans are forced back easily into the city. Book 15 - Zeus wakes up and sees the turmoil. Hera tries to direct the blame on Poseidon but Zeus promises that he will continue to help Trojans but has no personal interest in the war. He also knows that Troy is still fated to fall. Zeus then has Iris stop Poseidon from helping Achaeans and orders Apollo to help Trojans. Hector again charges and again progresses all the way to Achaean ships. Teucer who had killed many Trojans that day breaks his bow (because of Zeus) and is stopped from killing further. Book 16 - Patroclus begs Achilles to fight or at least let him wear his armor. Achilles still refuses to fight but agrees to let him wear armor. With Patroclus wearing Achilles’ armor, the battle turns again in favor of Achaeans. Patroclus goes on a killing spree and even kills Zeus’ son Sarpedon. Zeus decides to kill Patroclus after he has slain the Trojans more. Zeus imbues Hector with cowardice and he leads the Trojan retreat. Patroclus chases the Achaeans up to the Trojan gates. Apollo finally persuades Hector to stand up to Patroclus but Patroclus spears Hector’s charioteer though and in the frenzy to get the charioteer’s armor, Apollo wounds Patroclus before Hector finishes him off. Book 17
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study guide 2003 iliad two - Iliad Study Guide Arijit Ghosh...

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