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study guide 2003 job - Job Study Guide Summary of Text...

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Job Study Guide Summary of Text There are two stories in Job- the framing story which is 2.5 chapters long, and the interior story, which is written in poetry and is 40 books long. The beginning prose introduces Job as a ‘blameless and upright’ man who was very prosperous. God converses with Satan, and brags about Job’s goodness. Satan then challenges God to test Job. God does indeed test Job and in one day four messengers come to Job reporting that his fields, livestock, servants, and children have all been burned or perished. In response to this Job still praises God, which causes Satan to request another test. This time God afflicts Job himself. Job’s friends, Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar come to mourn with him and the poetry section of the text begins. Job begins to speak after seven days and a situation similar to that in The Symposium ensues with each of the men speaking several times on the subject of suffering (chapter 3-31). The men tell stories and Job questions God and the reasons for suffering. Job, who has faith in the legal system, speaks of meeting with God and putting him on trial. Zophar leaves before the third round of speeches and is replaced by Elihu, who is very young. Job pays no attention to the speech that Elihu makes. Job rests his case in chapter 31 and the Theophany, or seeing of God, takes place from 38-42. Job questions God although differently than he had practiced earlier, and God questions Job to prove that Job knows nothing. Job admits to God’s unlimited power and ‘repents in dust and ashes” (42:6). The prose then returns for the last half of chapter 42, when He returnes to Job his health and two fold his previous fortune Historical background The bible deals with knowledge of suffering and Gods role. Not much is know about Job except that is was written between the 9 th and 11 th centuries B.C. The authors are not known however it is thought that the prose was written well before the poetry. For one of the first time the subject of individual responsibility is brought into question as opposed to the group responsibility that was assumed earlier. Analysis of Main characters
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study guide 2003 job - Job Study Guide Summary of Text...

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