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study guide 2003 luke john

study guide 2003 luke john - The Gospels of Luke and John...

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The Gospels of Luke and John As Explained by: Gaby Avila-Bront, Alex Epstein, and Geo Karapetyan Plot Summary Luke The Archangel Gabriel visits Zechariah, who was a priest, while he was serving and tells him that his old wife Elizabeth is to give birth to a son whose name is to be John, who would be filled with the Holy Spirit and prepare the nation for the Lord. Yet, due to his lack of faith, Gabriel makes Zechariah mute until the birth of John. Six months later the angel goes to a virgin named Mary who is engaged to a man named Joseph and tells her that the Holy Spirit would impregnate her with a son whom she would call Jesus, who would be the Son of the Most High and have an everlasting kingdom. In Bethlehem, Jesus is born in a manger, and angels tell shepherds of His birth. When Jesus is twelve, his family travels to Jerusalem for Passover. When they leave, Mary and Joseph think that Jesus is with their relatives, but they cannot find him. They return to Jerusalem and find him in the Temple. Many years later, John begins teaching and baptizing and telling of He who is to come (Christ). Eventually, Jesus is baptized and his lineage is traced back to Adam. Jesus then goes into the wilderness and eats nothing for forty days and is tempted by the devil who mocks and taunts him for being the Son of God. Jesus then begins to collect disciples to follow him, eventually finding twelve main me and later, seventy others. During Jesus’ ministries, he heals many illnesses including blindness, leprosy, and withered hands, and he cures people filled with demons. Moreover, he resurrects numerous individuals and also pardons the sins of many. All of this is done through faith. The Pharisees, however, constantly try to find flaws in Jesus’ actions, yet Jesus always finds a way out of their traps. Jesus tells numerous parables throughout the text; some of the major ones include: the parable of the brides waiting for the bridegroom; the parable of a man who throws a party and invites poor people to it; the parable of the lost sheep; of the prodigal son; and the one of a man who plants a vine in his home and is killed by the servants who tend it year after year. Some major events and interactions during Jesus’ ministry include: - Jesus Christ is in a boat with his disciples and falls asleep while there is a storm and He reassures the disciples that nobody would perish because of their faith. - He feeds the multitudes by multiplying the two fish and five loaves of bread that a young boy supplies him with. - A rich man asks Jesus Christ what he has to do to achieve eternal life, and Jesus Christ tells him to obey the commandments and give away all of his fortune, which 1
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the man admits that he cannot do. To this, Jesus Christ says that it is easier for a camel to walk through the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter heaven.
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study guide 2003 luke john - The Gospels of Luke and John...

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