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Literary Response to Book of Job

Literary Response to Book of Job - The only possible...

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Frank Garcia Literary Response: Book Of Job In the book of Job, we see Job lose everything he has worked to attain throughout his life in a test of his faith to God. At the end of the test, once he passes and proves to God that he is his loyal servant under any circumstances, God returns to him all of his materials possessions. This ending to the Book of Job does not seem to fit in with other works of the bible. It does not make sense that after putting Job through trials and tribulations, his only reward is material wealth. It is very unusual that God would give the message that material wealth will be brought upon you if you are a loyal servant to him. But then again, what if that is not the message that God is trying to display, what if there is something behind the ending in which Job is returned his material wealth?
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Unformatted text preview: The only possible explanation that I could come up with in defense of God and this ending to a classic work of the bible is that God understands that life on earth cannot be a happy life and knows that one of the things that can bring us temporary happiness on earth is material possession. God advertises the eternal life as the life that we should be focused on and that is why we should be good on earth, so that we have the good life in the eternal life. In other words, the only place to really live in happiness is in the eternal life, in heaven, so maybe God gives Job material possessions because God knows that this is the only way that Job can experience temporary happiness on earth....
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