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Literary Response to The Iliad

Literary Response to The Iliad - Frank Garcia Literary...

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Frank Garcia Literary Response: The Iliiad Hector and Achillies Hector and Achilles both show a shift in strong points throughout the course of the epic. At the beginning we see Achilles being intact with the rest of society emotionally. He does not belief in the war because he sees it as a selfish battle. He is able to connect with others emotionally and he acquires many followers who believe he is correct and that the battle is for a selfish cause, over a woman, and society should not pay in blood for one man’s desire. But as he changes throughout the course of the epic, we see Achilles losing the connection he made with society emotionally, and attaining a physical connection with society. He is able to motivate others physically and rally them up in order to fight and he can boost up their fighting spirit. He himself is also full of rage and ready to fight and slays multiple Trojans. He however is no longer intact with his men emotionally. Achilles
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