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Sovinder Singh2 - Opinion My opinion is to take more tests...

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Sovinder Singh Summary: Currently researchers at the U.S Centers for Disease Control think by 2050 that about the third of the U.S population will have diabetes. James P Boyle thinks the population of those living with diabetes to those without diabetes will increase fourteen percent from now to 2021. If the increase continuous slowly thirty-three percent of the population will be diagnosed with type two diabetes. But currently many people think the increase of those with diabetes was because of natural old age.
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Unformatted text preview: Opinion: My opinion is to take more tests to be sure. Also the people should start living healthier lifestyles. A person should try to eat two vegetables, three fruits, and three servings of dairy a day. Also they should exercise at least three times a month to shorten the risk of diabetes. Because if a person does nothing they should not try to have children and not pass on his genes. This may seem harsh but this is the opinion I’m sticking to....
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