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Discussion 1- Lavinia Dock - led her to jail Without her...

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Courtney Gallagher Due: 10/11/11 Tuesday 1:00pm-1:50pm NUR 110 Nursing Leader and Nursing Image Discussion Lavinia Dock, born June 10 th , 1858, is known for compiling the first extensive drug manual, “Materia Medica for Nurses (1890).” She took the time to assemble a manual that would benefit not only her, but all nurses. This was a great step for the nursing field as a whole. To further her contributions to the nursing occupation, she spread knowledge through her teachings, lectures, and writings. She even became an editor of “The American Journal of Nursing.” She is well known for her campaigning for nurses, and not the physicians, to control the nursing profession. Her contribution to founding the American Society of Superintendents of Training Schools for Nurses of the U.S. and Canada, acted as a precursor to the National League of Nursing of today. In her attempts to better society, she was briefly jailed on three occasions. The efforts to improve working conditions, and fighting for woman’s rights, especially the right to vote,
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Unformatted text preview: led her to jail. Without her dedication, leadership, and creation of the first drug manual, the nursing profession may not have made the changes that it did. The initial steps in creating something new is often the most difficult. References AAHN Gravesites of Prominent Nurses – Dock. American Association for the History of Nursing, Inc. Web. Sept. 6 th 2011. <http://www.aahn.org/gravesites/dock.html>. Lavina Dock. Nursing Leaders Throughout the Ages . July 15 th 2009. Web. 06 Sept. 2011. <http://www.timetoast.com/timelines/61156>. Lavinia Lloyd Dock, Biography.com, http://www.biography.com/articles/Lavinia-Lloyd-Dock-9275959 Web. Sep 6, 2011. Lavinia Lloyd Dock (1858-1956) 1976 Inductee. Nursing World . The American Nurses Association, Inc., 23 May 2011. Web. Sept. 6 th 2011. <http://www.nursingworld.org/FunctionalMenuCategories/AboutANA/Honoring-Nurses/ HallofFame/19761982/dockll5531.aspx>...
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