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apm581.syll - APM 581 Theory of Computation Fall...

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The course: APM 581, Theory of Computation, deals with what can and cannot be computed, and how efficiently such computations can be done. In particular, we will study models of computation, such as finite state automata and Turing machines, “languages” (which provide a convenient way to talk about computational problems), and various “complexity classes” of computational problems, such as P , NP , PSPACE , and BPP . The subject matter of computational complexity is only about 40 years old. It is an exciting and active field of research, with many of the best computer scientists from government, academia, and industry engaged in it, and progress is being made every year. Instructor: Professor Jerrold W. Grossman, 346 SEB, (248) 370-3443. My preferred e-mail address is [email protected] . Rather than listing set office hours, my policy is that I’m almost always around and you are encouraged to come for help or just to chat at any time. Of course you can also make an appointment or communicate via phone or e-mail.
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