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Math 560 Homework 2 If you don't have easy access to a version of Excel that can add in the solver, you can try using Gnumeric, a free Excel clone that also has a solver. You can download it from gnumeric.org OpenOffice.org Calc also works. #1: A major coal-fired power plant gets 3 kinds of coal, and has to blend them into a good mix before burning. Here is the relevant data: Coal #1 costs $20/ton, has 2.2 units of sulfur per ton, and gives 800 units of heat per ton. Coal #2 costs $30/ton, has 2 units of sulfur per ton, and gives 900 units of heat per ton. Coal #3 costs $80 per ton, has 0.5 units of sulfur per ton, and gives 1100 units of heat per ton. What ratios should you blend to get 1 ton of mixed coal at minimum cost, but get no more than 2 units of sulfur and get at least 880 units of heat?
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Unformatted text preview: #2: Reformulate the network-flow problem to find the least expensive path between source and sink. I know this is easy to do by hand, but write an LP that will figure it out for you, and solve it in Excel. #3: Reformulate the network-flow problem we did to find the maximum amount of flow you can get from source to sink (that is, it's no longer just 10 units, you want it to be as large as possible.) Show your new formulation and solution. #4: Prof. Ross's favorite fast-food restaurant is Rubio's Baja Grill. Solve the diet problem using the spreadsheet of their menu available on my web page. Or, if you like, use McDonald's or some other chain (though it's harder to get a price list for them.)...
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