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Math 319 Homework 03 Consider the following data on how fast crickets chirp in various temperatures: deg.F (chirps/15sec) 89 20 72 16 93 20 84 18 81 17 75 16 70 15 82 17 69 15 83 16 80 15 83 17 81 16 84 17 76 14 Come up with a mathematical model or two that relates chirps per 15 seconds to degrees Fahrenheit. Then, use your models to * predict how fast crickets will chirp at a temp. of 77, * predict the temperature if you hear 16 chirps in 15 seconds, * predict how fast crickets will chirp at a temp. of -10 (cold!), * report on the strength of the relationship, * do anything else that should be standard procedure, and * do anything else creative. Rather than submitting a spreadsheet, write up your investigation and results in the form of a small technical report, with sections like:
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Unformatted text preview: Title Introduction Model Results and graphs/tables as appropriate. You may not include a spreadsheet file in your submission; instead, you should copy/paste from your spreadsheet into your report. You can use http://people.emich.edu/aross15/project-guides/sample_paper_outline.doc as a template to get started (you may delete the Abstracts and Bibliography, etc.) Use academic language rather than informal language; see http://people.emich.edu/aross15/project-guides/ross-project-writing-guide.doc for more information. For examples of (longer) technical reports, see the reading from last week's homework....
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