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Chapter 11.4 homework: Comparison and Limit Tests The usual even/odd policy applies, except as noted. #1 (required, even though it is odd) #2 Drill: #3 to #26: do these informally and quickly, except: #11 and #20: do these two carefully. #11 is required, despite being odd. #27 #28 #29 #30 Question A: Fill in this table with the phrases "sum a_n converges" or "sum a_n diverges" or "no conclusion".
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Unformatted text preview: Suppose that the limit as n goes to infinity of a_n / b_n is some limiting value "c". If: and: sum b_n converges sum b_n diverges c=0 ______________ ___________ 0<c<infinity ______________ ___________ c=infinity ______________ ___________ Optional but recommended: #39 through #46 Hint on at least one of these problems: n! < 1*2*n*n*n*. ..*n = 2* n^(n-2)...
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