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Elias Tsihlis Assignment #3Art 1000C 10

Elias Tsihlis Assignment #3Art 1000C 10 - been around for...

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Elias Tsihlis Art 1000C 10:30 AM 2/22/11 Creativity and the Arts Landscape Professor Louis DiGena We see landscapes, which are refracted, through our eyes of our personal experience. We acknowledge landscape according to our culture and age. Ansel Adams photographs captured great landscapes that showed many different aspects. Adams called landscape "the continuous beauty of things that are.” I loved Adams quote that I think symbolizes that landscapes will always be around to take photos that provide beauty. Seeing photos that Adams took captured how he helped transform the meaning of wilderness in American. Adams photographs have changed my prospective about landscapes, which made my imaginations expand more. Landscape represents many things from Paintings, nature, and building. Citi Field is the Landscape that has stopped me in my tracks. Citi Field, which has
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Unformatted text preview: been around for only two years, is the home for New York Mets, and my self. I see this particular landscape to symbolize hope for baseball fans and also a stadium that provides dreams. Most of my generation takes this particular landscape for grated, and they see it as a fixture or additional component to our lives. Being a New York Met fan I consider this particular landscape as a home. It shows its true colors, as well as its surroundings. During our four seasons, when I pass Citi field I have different feelings. When it snows, I become depressed, when it rains I feel angry and when the spring and summer arrives I’m ecstatic. The landscape provides a lot of excitement and partying. Having season tickets each day during the season, I stop and just stare what an amazing landscape Citi Field can be to me....
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Elias Tsihlis Assignment #3Art 1000C 10 - been around for...

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