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Microsystem - My microsystem is living in a house with college students. This has an effect on how I’ve been growing up. I have immediate relationships with my friends and I interact with each other by sharing thoughts memories and ideas. My actions in my house have shaped me to being the person I am today. Temperament is a main factor that has a role between my peers and myself. Mesosystem- I am part of the schools baseball team and my parents take an active role to come support me. My parents both come and support me, which influences my future. This hinders my growth as a athlete and a students in different channels.
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Unformatted text preview: Exosystem-My father was promoted to Chief of Fireman department that has a large affect in my life. My fathers income can now help me better then the previous income. His job can influence me to becoming a firefighter and become successful as him. My fathers promotion has influenced me and my family with physical needs that makes me happy. Macrosystem-Being bronfenbrenner’s final level, which influences my culture. My parents beliefs has influenced me and I began to start practicing what my parents taught me. Growing up in Greece, which has a high family- friendly culture environment in many ways....
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