Charles Darwins functionalism - Charles Darwins...

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Charles Darwins functionalism is concerned by how the mind functions and how it is used by an organism to adapt to its environment. The functionalists had one concern, which led psychologists to think what does mental processes accomplished. Rather than the structures of the mind, functionalism was interested in mental processes and their relation to behavior. This led to study of the mind of its elements and its structures. Darwins methods which produced results that could be applied to both humans and animals which helped psychology by Darwins ideas. Charles Darwin produced a book called, The Origin of Species . Darwin focused that the environment forces a natural selection towards its inhabitants and pinpoints those inhabitants that have adaptive characteristics. The members within a species who have adaptive characteristics pass on this survival component to their offspring while those members without the adaptive characteristics begin to disappear. Charles Darwin influenced many Psychologists, such as
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Charles Darwins functionalism - Charles Darwins...

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