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Both the popular and academic press feel that children in single parent homes don’t receive as much quality time or support as children in two parent families; quite the contrary. Some surveys show that children from single parent homes often receive more quality time from both parents than they did prior to a divorce. For both parents, time restraints are prevalent. Therefore, the parents both commit to making the best use of time with the children. Living in a two parent home often makes for pure, unadulterated havoc. Parents have a tendency to become negligent with the quality or amount of time they spend with their children. They can sometimes become complacent with the fact that there are two parents in the household. They also get caught up in their jobs or careers. The parents sometimes argue about which parent is doing more than the other; instead of measuring the quality of their parenting, they are measuring each other as a parent. In a two parent home, there can be as
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