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Elias Tsihlis Art 1000C 10:30 AM 3/27/11 Creativity and art Meat loaf: Paradise by the Dashboard Light Professor Louis DiGena Not having Meat Loaf on the of 100 Most Important American musical works of the 20th Century list is a loss. The past 35 years, Marvin Aday “Meat Loaf,” has been a true hero to many fans and my self. His Great hit in 1977 Paradise by the Dashboard light , lead him to becoming a great rock 'n' roll figure. Meat Loaf hit song, with its meaning and impressive vocals, has sold more than 48 million records worldwide. It is still one of the biggest selling records ever. Meat Loaf’s song Paradise by the Dashboard is listed as the longest song to be recorded.
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Unformatted text preview: The song Paradise by the Dashboard light is important to me because he put a lot of meaning into his music. I have connected with the part when he included New York Yankees announcer Phil Rizzuto to broadcast a game, which was a metaphor for his attempts to achieve his goal. This is important to me this because I have written music that has meaning that needs to be expressed. Meat Loaf a very well known and classic rock singer due to his popularity and his hits of music should be included in the top 100 songs of the 20 th century because he has class. His music is played worldwide in more countries then any other rock n roll artist....
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