Elias Tsihlis field #2 - Elias Tsihlis PSY-2050 Dr. Zheng...

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Elias Tsihlis PSY-2050 Dr. Zheng Zhou 02/23/10 Difference in the Education System My friend Steven Grew up in Italy, he explained that the Italian Constitution, include freedom of education, the State’s duty to provide a network of education establishments of every type and level, open to everyone without distinction, the right of private individuals to set up schools at no cost to the State, and the duty of parents to educate their children for at least eight years. The overall responsibility for education in Italy is in the hands of two ministries. The Ministry for Public Education which covers all pre-school, primary and secondary education and the Ministry for Universities and Scientific Research, to which powers over all higher education. The Italian School system is broken up into five sections. The first section is pre-school education. Pre-school education focuses on the education to strengthen children’s physical, intellectual and psycho-dynamic characteristics, to gradually help them to achieve independence and to develop their sensorial, perceptive, motor, linguistic and intellectual
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Elias Tsihlis field #2 - Elias Tsihlis PSY-2050 Dr. Zheng...

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