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Final Project ELias Tsihlis - with the proper paint An...

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Elias Tsihlis Art 1000C 10:30 AM 5/01/2011 Creativity and the Arts Final Project Professor Louis DiGena Building a Birdhouse is a great why to express my human experience. Different kinds of birds have always inspired me throughout my life. Birdhouses are natural features for providing nesting spaces for different kinds of bid species. It is important to know the right way to build a birdhouse to both protect the bird and make the birdhouse a comfortable habitat. Understanding the design of a birdhouse is very important which protects birds from predators. Entrance holes are the most important aspect of the whole entire project. To keep out predators from birdhouses, the entrance holes should be small enough for only birds to fit into their habitats. Cats, squirrels and other animals can enter the birdhouse if the holes aren’t the appropriate size. The second step to building a birdhouse is painting it
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Unformatted text preview: with the proper paint. An oil-based paint is a must to act as a repellant from rain and heat. Must birdhouses are painted with a light green, red, or gray color. After painting the birdhouse, it’s a must to wait at least two weeks before hanging the box. It’s important to know when to mount the birdhouse during breading season. Having the birdhouse in place by February in the south and by the mid to late March in northern areas because of migration. Also mounting the birdhouse on a PVC pipe or a metal pole to keep away predators from claiming up to the nest. During the past few years I have spotted starling, sparrows, robins, blue jays, and gulls in my backyard. I believe this is such a great experience to have witnessed because I never knew how many different birds were attracted by my birdhouses in my front and backyards....
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