jazz - accepted here They were able to dance sing play and...

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Elias Tsihlis Art 1000C 10:30 AM 4/20/2011 Creativity and the Arts Jazz and the Experience Professor Louis DiGena Jazz is a great part of American history and it is my belief that Jazz has made a huge impact on the music world towards our future and we’ve learned from our past. African Americans were not giving the same rights as whites. However, Jazz changed the world for Blacks because it was a pathway of freedom to express them without constraint. Jazz has not limits, which gave all jazz players the ability to express any feelings with their music. Attending 55 Bar, a Jazz bar in the city, a wise man that knew a lot about jazz told me the jazz was thought of as immoral. Jazz clubs in the 20’s and 30’s were kept from the public eye. Many performers played at venues like the 55 bar because the audience would get alcohol and enjoy the music. Back in the day performers traveled to Kansas City during the 20’s because it was isolated from the whites. Blacks were
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Unformatted text preview: accepted here. They were able to dance, sing, play and drink without worry about law and discrimination Jazz was defined as a folk art that has socioculture behind it. The music is ingenuously of its social and cultural intent. Jazz consisted of many musical styles like marches, polkas, ragtime, slave work songs and the blues. Jazz can be a fundamental rhythm of human life and contemporary reassessment of jazz’s traditional values. The Jazz age was known as the popular art and has enjoyed periods of fairly widespread of public responses. I’ve attended the 55 Bar in the city and it was such a great experience. 55 Bar was a large NYC establishments that manages to class itself up to the deep colors, lots of art, and just enough room for a stage where jazz music is created very well that night. The musicians create spectacular music and the singer that night , her voice was so amazing. Bass sax and piano riffs follow in each song....
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jazz - accepted here They were able to dance sing play and...

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