Spatial Concepts - may ask a lot of questions He is anxious...

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Spatial Concepts Children learn the ideas and information, which help them, understand the world  around them. The words that define relationships in space are vitally important  because they are part of the basic framework for future learning. Children pick up  many of these words in daily interactions but they may not understand others. A  child needs to understand the concept of "beside" before he/she can move on to  recognizing and repeating patterns. "Behind" and "in front of" are used by parents  and teachers throughout the day.  Between the ages of two and three years, you will be delighted as your child’s ability to understand and express information and ideas, continues to develop at a rapid pace. He now knows that communicating can produce wonderful results. His vocabulary will grow almost daily as his sentences become longer and more complex. Your child
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Unformatted text preview: may ask a lot of questions. He is anxious to learn about everything and he needs you, the most important person in his life, to explain things to him. Language learning is not an activity that you set aside time for each day, but instead happens all day long in your natural environment as you go about your daily routine activities. When your child understands spatial concepts: such as: in, on, under, over, in front, behind, top and bottom, he may be able to follow many directions, ask questions, and express his ideas clearly. “When a child enters school without having a good grasp of spatial concepts, it is often a good indication that he will also have difficulty following directions, reading, and understanding math concepts,” said Nancy Caine, primary school teacher for over 20 years....
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Spatial Concepts - may ask a lot of questions He is anxious...

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