test 4 - 1. Anthony has been playing hockey since he was...

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1. Anthony has been playing hockey since he was seven years old. As an adult he has been suffering from motor deficits such as shaking and loss of motor functioning in his hands. Neurological examinations ruled out Parkinson's disease. Anthony is most likely suffering from which kind of dementia? A) viral-related dementia B) dementia puglistica 2. The child who has wet the bed or their clothes at least twice a week for three months and is over the age of five is most likely exhibiting_______. D) enuresis 3. Dennis tends to eat excessive amounts of food several times a day. As a result of overeating, Denis is 30 lbs. overweight. Dennis is most likely exhibiting ______. C) binge eating disorder 4. A diagnosis of PTSD requires all of the following symptoms except: D) hallucinations and delusions 5. People diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder (DID) _________. B) have several distinct personalities struggling for control 6. Jonathan suffered third degree burns when an electrical fire occurred at his business. Several of his employees were seriously injured, and his son died in the fire. He has been reexperiencing the trauma for six months, having difficulty sleeping, and often feels detached from his family and friends. His therapist has recommended systematic desensitization techniques as a method of treatment. Jonathan has probably been diagnosed with __________. B) post-traumatic stress disorder 7. The impaired ability to execute common actions such as tying shoes is referred to as__________.
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A) apraxia 8. Which of the following best explains the difference between anorexia and bulimia? B) a realistic iamge of how they look 9. Steven left his home abruptly without taking any of his belongings. He relocated to the next town. However, he had difficulty understanding how he ended up in his new surroundings. Several months later he returns to his old home with no memory of his absence. Steven is most likely will be diagnosed with
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test 4 - 1. Anthony has been playing hockey since he was...

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