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10/13/2010 1 1. Which of the following is an important pool (as opposed to flux)? Consumption by herbivores A. Consumption by herbivores B. Herbivore biomass C. Photosynthesis D. Decomposition of plant litter Precipitation per day E. Precipitation per day 2. Which is an example of a positive feedback loop? A. Warming leads to increased evapotranspiration from nd, increasing water vapor in the atmosphere, land, increasing water vapor in the atmosphere, increasing the warming potential of the atmosphere B. As herbivore populations grow, they provide more food for predators, as predator populations increase, they reduce herbivore populations C. Warming in the arctic leads to increased fire equency favoring deciduous trees over conifers frequency, favoring deciduous trees over conifers, increasing albedo, and cooling the surface D. None are positive feedbacks E. All are positive feedbacks 3. Which statement(s) is(are) true?
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Clicker_quiz1_Oct11_key - 10/13/2010...

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