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MGT 210 Incident 18-1 - Under no circumstances should Mel...

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Incident 18-1: Changes in an Employee's Behavior At this time Mel should pull Mr. Sampson to the side to schedule a meeting in regards to his performance at work. Prior to the meeting date Mel should have the performance review (includes attendance), contact information for counseling and assistance as well as a list of consequences that he could face if the problem persists. Any and all document that is relevant to this issue should be brought forth as proof of his behavior as well as performance. When poor performance is present, the employee should be addressed before this issue continues. The meeting should ultimately end in a discussion on how he plans to fix the problem as well as improving his performance.
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Unformatted text preview: Under no circumstances should Mel attempt to lecture on his drinking or the affects that it could cause to his body if he chooses to continue. At this point strong encouragement to seek professional help should be given and nothing more. Mel should also inform Mr. Sampson that this meeting is his warning to improve. If the problem still persists then documentation should be written and signed by Mr. Sampson and Mel and place in his file. This document should state the issue at hand, the attempts Mel has given to help him resolve his issue as well as his plan of action. Reference Rue, L.W. and Byars, L.L. (2004). Supervision: key link to productivity (8th ed.). New York: McGraw-Hill/Irwin....
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