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Essay Skeleton(ron) - Support If the dorms look dirty, then...

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Leverette 1 Lacey Leverette Ms. Helana Brigman English 1001, Section 8 1 July 2010 Essay Skeleton Thesis Switching light bulbs, mopping floors, and putting on doors does not serve as an obstacle to Highland’s Mr. Clean. Topic Sentence #1 Ronald “will clean your house and everything that’s in it”! Support When there is a problem in the dorm, the resident reports it to Evangeline Hall and Ronald will do what he has to do to satisfy the resident. Support Roommate needed her light bulb changed and within a few hours of filing a report, Ronald had changed it. Topic Sentence #2 The maintenance staff always has something to keep them busy. Support When they finish the requests of the residents, the maintenance staff always has to make their rounds on each floor. Support They set up the show rooms for the LSU tours. Topic Sentence #3 Ronald takes major pride in doing his job.
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Unformatted text preview: Support If the dorms look dirty, then the maintenance crew looks bad. Support He always wants Highland to look outstanding because he tries his hardest to make everything that way. Leverette 2 Topic Sentence #4 No one can ever go wrong by saying hello. Support It always brightens Ronalds day When the residents of Highland tell him hello or ask how his day is going. Support Telling him personally about the importance of an issue can possibly get it fixed sooner. Topic Sentence #5 Highlands Mr. Clean was packaged and shipped from another location. Support He was born and raised in Richmond, California. Support He attended Harry Ells High School and made great memories there. Conclusion Even after a long day at work, Highlands Mr. Clean manages to keep his bald head shiny....
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Essay Skeleton(ron) - Support If the dorms look dirty, then...

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