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The Surrogacy Search  by:  Michele St. Martin -Perhaps the most famous case is that of "Baby M," in which Mary Beth Whitehead was hired as a surrogate for William and Elizabeth Stern. -Whitehead was inseminated with Stern's sperm, but her own eggs were used, and she was the child's biological mother. -After the child was born, Whitehead refused to give up rights to the child; Custody of the baby was awarded to William Stern, but Whitehead was allowed visitation rights. -Rare but highly publicized stories like this hurt the image of surrogacy and give hopeful parents an imbalanced view of a process that creates countless happy families each year. - "A surrogate is a unique type of woman who is willing to be impregnated using IVF or intrauterine insemination (IUI) procedures and will carry a baby for intended parents in order for them to complete their family," says iParenting Expert Advisor Sharon LaMothe . - Brooks estimates that clients of his agency, who use a traditional surrogate, pay between $22,500 and $33,000. Those who use a gestational surrogate pay $30,800 to $50,000, and those who utilize both a gestational surrogate and egg donor pay $38,300 to $53,000. Expenses vary according to travel expenses, additional medical procedure fees and the surrogate's lost wages if she is not covered by a disability policy. “what is the meaning of a surrogate?” - Couples choosing surrogacy run the risk that the surrogate will want to keep the baby once it is born. This risk is reduced when couples choose a gestational surrogate
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notes paper 2 - TheSurrogacySearchby:MicheleSt.Martin...

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