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podcast reflection essay - Leverette 1 Lacey Leverette Ms....

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Leverette 1 Lacey Leverette Ms. Helana Brigman English 1001, Section 8 25 June 2010 Podcast Reflection Essay Branching out from the common method of applying research to a topic makes everything all the more interesting. Most people assume that doing online research or reading articles is the best way to research a topic, but what they do not know is how informative a podcast can be. The information in a podcast is portrayed in either a video or audio format that makes it easy to understand and relate to. Podcasts contain attention-grabbing conversations that touch base on extraordinary topics with a defined purpose. Even though there are many other types of ways to do research, using a podcast has the benefits of obtaining the information it presents on the specialized topic. Up until three weeks ago the only types of research that I was familiar with was using online databases, researching the web, or just evaluating resources that I would find in the library. My knowledge on the subject of different ways of researching a topic changed on the first day of class when we were asked, “What is a podcast?” The only thought that popped into my head was that it is an unnecessary button displayed on my iTunes page; I was clearly wrong. After the first day of class I was familiar with what a podcast is all about, but I knew that I could only augment my understanding on the subject. We received an assignment that with no doubt would aid to my knowledge on podcasting-a firsthand experience. Going from knowing little to nothing on podcasts to actually making one made me somewhat uneasy. There are many different types of podcasts-each of them acquiring its own unique style. The podcasts can be
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podcast reflection essay - Leverette 1 Lacey Leverette Ms....

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