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Persuasive Claim of Policy - At LSU there are certain times...

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Persuasive Claim of Policy: There are many alternatives to fixing the problem of scheduling at Xavier that should be done: first come first serve, computer scheduling at home, or give everyone a certain time to come in to schedule. How am I going to use logos? This is a problem because everyone who wants to schedule summer classes has to be in the University Center for 8 o clock to schedule their classes and it is very unorganized. I had to be here for 7 to make sure I made it on time and I had to go rush to different offices to see if I could get an override because all the classes I needed were filled.
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Unformatted text preview: At LSU, there are certain times where certain students can schedule their classes and then they get put on a waitlist. They are able to do this on their own computer without leaving or going to the school. So, if I am in New Orleans, I can schedule my classes from my computer without going all the way to Baton Rouge just to schedule them. And, I can see how many people are on the waitlist and etc. How am I going to use pathos? By showing how much I feel that this is a problem and that it needs to be fixed because it will make the process of scheduling go more smoothly....
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