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Case 26 Refusal of life

Case 26 Refusal of life - Case 26 Refusal of...

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Unformatted text preview: Case 26 Refusal of life-sustaining treatment by a minor I believe that everyone has a decision in critical times even if you are the same age as Jimmy.Everonye has a freedom of speech and equal opprotuinity to voice their opinion. When you have someting as severe as Jimmy's condition, I think it is right to have the minors say even if it is the parent's who make the final decision. This way, the parents or guardians know the wishes of the minor and shouldn't feel guilty for what the outcome may be. I think that both Jimmy and his parents have a equal decision about his situation. Even if Jimmy's decision is overridden by the parents, he at least will be able to know he told them what he wanted to do. In the case Jimmy knew he was aware of the situation and that even without lymphoma he may not have lived till 18. Overall, it is the parents final decision because what he wanted to do....
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