CRITICAL ESSAY - Lacey Leverette Philosophy 2400 Section 01...

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Lacey Leverette Philosophy 2400 Section 01 25 July 2011 TITLE Individuals seek medical treatment everyday to stay healthy, treat a sickness, or just to stay animate. In some cases, the option of life-sustaining treatment comes into account depending on the severity of the patient’s condition. There is a problem concerning the refusal of life-sustaining treatment to put a stop to the patient’s suffering. Doctors encounter the ethical issue on a daily basis of whether a patient is fully capable of making this critical decision. Physicians come across many terminally ill patients, including children. When confronted with a terminal illness, the proper treatment is to undergo chemotherapy. In some cases, the child has an incurable neurological disease in addition to the illness. Many children do not want to undergo chemotherapy because of the pain that is involved in the process. There have been some incurable neurological diseases that have been cured in the past. But, the parents of the patient will not allow their child to blatantly die without having the comfort of knowing that they did everything in their power to save the child. The lymphoma is twenty percent chance of being overcome with chemotherapy. What the parents do not understand is that it is not their body being experimented on or having to deal with needles sticking them everyday, but it is their child’s body, striving to overcome this fatal illness. In most cases, this leads to a minor’s surrender to the ailment. Due to their disadvantage of experience, children, in the vast predominance of cases, are
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CRITICAL ESSAY - Lacey Leverette Philosophy 2400 Section 01...

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