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Unformatted text preview: Hippocratic Oath :by virtue of being a Dr, they hold certain duties.#1 duty is to respect the rights of patients and their wished.Autonomy-the right to make decisions for yourself,for your own body.Prohibitions :abortion and euthanasia bc in both you are harming life.physicians duty is to care for life and you cant engage in sexual activity meaning you cant take advantage of your power.there is a growing emphasis from physicians duties to patients rights.prayer of Maimonides :more of a virtuous oath of medical students. Pelligreno :a system of laws,rights, and duties is not enough in the practice of med.In todays morally relaxed climate,its very tempting to view this practice as a $making institution.3 tiers of obligation :obey the law,observe moral rights and fulfill moral duties, and practice virtue.we need the practice of virtue bc the other 2 arent leads to temptations of putting your selfinterest first.altruism :the attitude of putting others before self.main virtue for physicians.necessary bc of our morally relaxed climate bc of temptation for self profit.if youre going to med school for any other reason than to promote the welfare of others than you aren’t doing it for right reason.AltruismVS.SelfInterestProblems :opportunities for profit from the illness of others(investing in nursing homes),narrowing the concept of service for personal convenience(ER doc works 2 days on 3 off decreasing availability of ER docs),taking a proprietary attitude w respect of med knowledge(patenting new procedures/keeping secret from colleagues),placing loyalty to profession above loyalty to patients(referalls on the basis of friendship rather than skill) Ackerman-Why Drs should Intervene. non interference doesn’t really respect autonomy bc it doesn’t take into account the transforming effects of illness.drs should return control back to patient.when someone is sick the illness itself is a constraint(physical-confinement in prison-internal/ex bodily prevent person from acting out life plans)(cognitive-derive from lack of info/inability to understand info-consumers ignorance regarding defects of a part product)(psych-anxiety- inhibit adequate deliberation)(social-institutionalized roles y expectations that block considered choices-womans place is in home)illness is a barrier btw ones own body y reality.when we are seriously ill our humanity is wounded which causes us not to think straight.REALrespect4autonomy-returncontrolback-provide technically competent care(improve illness),share critical info repeatedly,tone of discussion may need to be altered,others may have to be influenced so they can influence patient,patients own understanding of sick role may have to be modified.”non int model” of respecting autonomy reduces the Dr of being just a technician y nothing more;he says Dr’s have to be more.Dr’s are obligated to intervene bc patients have diminished autonomy....
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