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notes from class - but in doing so it leaves something out...

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July 11,2011 Doctor-Patient Two general approaches: 1. Physicians duties -Hippocratic Oath -spells out obligations of physicians -according to the Hippocratic oath, physicians did dietetic measures(medicine) -prohibitions(very clear things that are prohibited) -abortions and euthanasia because in both you are harming life. Physicians duty is to care for life and you cant engage in sexual activity meaning you cannot take advantage of power. -notion of confidentiality or I will not use the knife because someone who is suffering from a “kidney stone” but physicians shouldn’t do that because there were people who were trained as surgeons because there is a good chance of failure. 2. Patients rights -number one duty is to protect patients rights -patients have certain rights that must be respected -Autonomy: right to make decision about her/himself about her/his own body, etc. Conflict: What if they don’t agree?
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Metaphors capture what you want to say in a way that is insignificant,
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Unformatted text preview: but in doing so it leaves something out. July 12,2011 Pelligreno “Is a system of laws, rights, and duties sufficient for Health Ethics?”-no-we definitely need laws, systems of rights and duties but that is not enough because of the “morally relaxed climate”-so much money in health care; it is so tempting to think of it as a money making enterprise and it becoming too important. 3 different layers of health ethics: 1. blah 2. systems of rights and duties 3. Virtue based ethics-applying virtue ethics to the field of medicene. Putting someone before self-he thinks it poses to be a good physician who fulfills duties that boosts self interest as long as you are not treating someone as means to an end. -Altruism-the main virtue for physicians-def: putting others before self_sacrificing own interest for interest of others. EXAM: Why should physicians put others before self????????...
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notes from class - but in doing so it leaves something out...

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