Chapter 9 - Chapter 9 Three techniques that help managers...

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Chapter 9 Three techniques that help managers assess the organization’s environment: environmental scanning, forecasting, and benchmarking Environmental scanning: likely to reveal issues and concerns that could affect an organization’s current or planned activities o Competitor intelligence: get answers to questions such as who are the competitors, what are they doing, and how will what they’re doing affect us o Reverse engineering: firms regularly buy competitors products and have their own engineers study them to learn about new technological innovations (form of competitor intelligence) o Competitor intelligence: becomes illegal corporate spying when it involves the theft of proprietary materials or trade secrets by any means o Global scanning: because world markets are complex and dynamic, managers have expanded the scope of their scanning efforts to gain vital information on global forces that might affect their organizations Forecasting: an important part of planning since managers need them to predict future events effectively and in a timely manner o Forecasting techniques fall into two categories: quantitative and qualitative forecasting o Qualitative techniques for forecasting are typically used when precise data are limited or hard to obtain, while quantitative techniques are preferred when managers have sufficient hard data that can be used o Forecasting techniques: p.241 (ESTER) o Collaborative planning, forecasting, and replenishment (CPFR):
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Chapter 9 - Chapter 9 Three techniques that help managers...

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